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Right for the Job. Ready for the Job.
"You know me as your sensible county commissioner. Your vote November 3 will keep me on the job for you and for South Dakota."
Why Jeff Barth?
"I plan to work with the Governor and with members of both Parties so our State can succeed."
First elected Minnehaha County Commissioner in 2006 Barth and his wife have two daughters and seven grandchildren. Retired from a career in telecommunications, Barth has served in the US military.
Counties currently must use property tax dollars to both defend and prosecute alcohol abusers, and, if they are convicted to incarcerate them. It increases property taxes and puts great stress on our county budget. I will fight for a better way.

We need to care for the mentally ill, the brain damaged, and those who are incapable of caring for themselves. Effective institutionalization not incarceration is a better option.
League of Women Voters
What will you do to support the economy throughout our state in the face of international trade conflicts and the COVID-19 pandemic?
Urge and support our South Dakota Congressional delegation in Washington DC to make sure international trade negotiations are concluded in a timely manner and to the benefit of our State. We also need to seek new markets in Africa, South Asia and other places for our agricultural products.

Continue to promote and develop South Dakota's wind power and know how as green power opportunities expand regionally, domestically, and internationally. Research into improved bio-fuels and Green power should be a top priority at our Universities.

South Dakota has been too slow to respond to business prospects opportunities as with hemp. While dismissing the Pandemic as a "bad flu" we have ignored opportunities in the "social distancing" world. Small business is alert to those opportunities as with mask making food delivery and others. They should be encouraged.

Every South Dakotan needs an affordable high-speed internet connection.
What should our state government do to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children?
Nothing is more important than our future. Teachers are already short millions promised to them in past years. Those promises must be kept. And additional support provided. We must also stop the corruption that allowed the well connected to steal tens of millions of education funding as in the Gear Up scandal.
What would you do for our local governments, such as counties, cities and school boards, so that they can be flexible in responding to local issues?
The property tax limitation statute needs reform. Alcohol causes many if not most of our criminal justice issues but pays little in tax. My house does not drink and drive. As marijuana approaches legalization (sooner rather than later) we need to plan our tax regime. Let counties and municipalities propose solutions with their own citizens making the decision.
How do you view the initiative and referendum process in South Dakota? Are there any changes to this system that you would support?
Citizen participation in government needs to be simplified. Fewer signatures should be required to get an issue on a ballot.
With the redistricting process happening after the 2020 Census, how do you view the legislature’s role in this process and would you support an independent citizen redistricting commission?
The Legislature should stay out of it once they change the Law to allow an independent commission to decide.
What are your plans to protect voter rights such as online or same-day voter registration as well as absentee voting/voting by mail?
One Party continues to discourage voting with false claims and onerous requirements. I am not a member of that Party and will not support taking power from the people. I will work to restore citizen's rights.

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As Minnehaha County Commissioner, I’ve represented you for many years. Now I’d like to carry your voice to Pierre.

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"Jeff carries the torch for the common man."
Former Minnehaha County Commissioner Bob Kolbe