Experienced – Sensible
Right for the Job. Ready for the Job.
"You know me as your sensible county commissioner. Your vote November 3 will keep me on the job for you and for South Dakota."
Why Jeff Barth?
"I plan to work with the Governor and with members of both Parties so our State can succeed."
First elected Minnehaha County Commissioner in 2006 Barth and his wife have two daughters and seven grandchildren. Retired from a career in telecommunications, Barth has served in the US military.
The incredible subsidy that property tax payers give to the abusers of alcohol needs to be reduced. Real Estate taxes pay for the prosecution, incarceration, and (most often) the defense of drunks who break the law. It is time for taxes on alcohol to go up and taxes on property to go down.

We need to care for the mentally ill, the brain damaged, and those who are incapable of caring for themselves. Effective institutionalization not incarceration is a better option.
"Jeff carries the torch for the common man."
Former Minnehaha County Commissioner Bob Kolbe